IQAC ALUMINI Collaboration RTI

03522 - 271515/ 259179

Academic Program for 2020-22



Mangalpur, Balurghat, Dakshin Dinajpur

 (1st July, 2020 to 31stDecember,2020 � No Academic Activities due to COVID-19)

1st January,2021 to 31st December,2022





Admission to B.Ed. Course  2020 - 2022

As per notification of the WBUTTEPA(13.01.2021 to 15.01.2021 )   


Celebration of the College Foundation Day

7th July, 2020


Commencement of Classes  - 18.01.2021 (On-line class started)



Tentatively : SEM I    :  18th January,2021

                     SEM II   :   1st July,2021

                     SEM III  :   1st February,2022

                     SEM IV  :   1st August,2022


Semester I :  

Theory Class, Engagement with Field & EPC 1

Exams : Theory, Engagement with Field & EPC 1 Practical

Evaluation and Publication of Result (Semester Break for the Students)

Semester I:  

18th January,2021 to 13th May,2021

1st June,2021 to 15th June,2021

16th June,2021 to 30th June,2021


Cultural function (Nabin Baran Utsab)

To be notified latter


Semester II: Tentatively

Theory Class, Engagement with Field & EPC 2

Teaching Internship (No External Evaluation)

Sharing the Experience with the Teacher Educators and engage with other co-curricular activities

Exams : Theory, Engagement with Field & EPC 2 Practical

Evaluation and Publication of Result (Semester Break for the Students)

Semester II: Tentatively - 2021

1st July,2021 to 9th October,2021

7th November,2021 to 6th December,2021

7th December, 2021 to 23rd December,2021

2nd January,2022 to 15th January,2022

16th January,2022 to 30th January,2022


Semester III: Tentatively

Theory Class, Orientation in College for Pedagogy files of School Subjects and Internship Teaching Skills

Four Months School Internship

Evaluation of School Internship

Evaluation and Publication of Result (Semester Break for the Students)

Semester III: Tentatively - 2022

1st February,2022 to 28th February,22

1st March,2022 to 30th June,2022

1st July,2022 to 15th July,2022

16th July,2022 to 30th July,2022


Semester IV: Tentatively

Theory Class including Optional course, EPC 3 & EPC 4, Engagement with Field

Exams: Theory, Engagement with Field & EPC 3 & 4 Practical

Evaluation and Publication of Result (Semester Break for the Students)

Semester IV: Tentatively - 2022

1st August,2022 to 30th November,2022


1st December,2022 to 15th December,2022

16th December,2022 to 30th December,2022


Internal Examination : Semester I

10th May,2021 to 15th May,2021  (Tentatively)

Internal Examination: Semester II

1st December,2021 to 6th December,2021 (Tentatively)

Internal Examination: Semester III

10th July,2022                            (Tentatively)

Internal Examination: Semester IV

20th November to 25th November,2022  (Tentatively)








Annual Sports

In the Month of January, 2022 (Tentatively)


Educational Tour

To be notified latter








Observation Day


a)      Quit India Movement � August 8th of every year

b)      Independence Day: August 15th of every year

c)      Dr. Radhakrishnan�s Birthday: September 5th of every year

d)      World Literacy Day: Sept 9th of every year

e)      Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar�s Birthday: September 29th of every year

f)       Gandhi Jayanti: October 2nd of every year

g)      Sister Nivedita�s Birthday: October 28th of every year

h)      Khudiram Bose�s Birthday & World Disable Day: December 3rd of every year

i)        Human Rights Day: December 11th of every year

j)        Swami Vivekananda�s Birthday: January 12th of every year

k)      Netaji Chandra Bose�s Birthday: January 23rd of every year

l)        Rabindra Nath Tagore�s Birthday: May 9th of every year

m)    Raja Ram Mohan Roy�s Birthday: May 22nd of every year

n)      Yoga Diwas June 21st of every year


Holidays-2021 as prescribed by the WBUTTEPA

(The list of the Holidays is Provisional and Subject to be changed as per Govt./University order)


a.       New Year�s Day: 1st January, 2021

b.      Birthday of Sawami Vivekananda: 12th January, 2021

c.       University Foundation Day 16th January, 2021

d.      Birthday of Netaji:23rd January, 2021

e.       Republic Day: 26th January, 2021

f.       Saraswati Puja (Shree Panchami): 16th  February, 2021

g.       Shivaratri  11th March, 2021

h.      Doljatra: 28th March, 2021

i.        Holi 29th March,2021

j.        Good Friday 2nd  April, 2021

k.      Birthday of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar 14th April, 2021

l.        Bengali New Year: 15th  April, 2021

m.    May Day: 1st May, 2021

n.      Birthday of Rabindranath Tagore: 9th  May, 2021

o.      Id-Ul-Fitre:  14th May, 2021

p.      Buddha Purnima 26th  May, 2021

q.      Id-Ud-Zoha : 21st July,2021

r.        Independence Day: 15th August, 2021

s.       Muharram : 19th August,2021

t.        Janmastami: 30th August, 2021

u.      Birthday of Gandhiji : 2nd October,2021

v.      Mahalaya: 6th October,2021

w.     Durga Puja Holidays (including additional day 

: 12th  October, 2021 to 15th October, 2021

x.      Fateha-Dowaz-Daham    : 19th October,2021

y.      Laxmi Puja : 20th October,2021

z.       Kali Puja & Bhatridwitya : 3rd  to 6th November,2021

aa.   Chhat Puja           :             10th November,2021

bb.  Guru Nanak�s Birthday: 19th  November, 2021

cc.   Christmas Day: 25th December, 2021

Holidays-2021 (The list of the Holidays is Provisional and Subject to be changed as per Govt./University order)