Balurghat B.Ed. College is situated in the district town of Dakshin Dinajpur which is a border district and backward region of West Bengal. The area is agro-based and rural with scenic beauty, where economic activity varies with the variation of agricultural productions. The reminiscence unfolds the historical facts that the Independence of India, formation of East Pakistan and hence the partition of Bengal caused exodus of huge Hindu population from the then East Pakistan to India. Notwithstanding, the loss of valuable property, profitable business and profession, the Hindus left the then East Pakistan and entered India to get settlement. Balurghat being a border town, the growth rate of population rose from five thousand to 50 thousand in the year of Independence. As a result, along with, manifold economic problems, education figured a crisis process. The people of Balurghat had deeply felt the needs of a B.Ed. College since Independence for unemployed, untrained educated youths. The Balurghat B.Ed. College was established on 07.07.2004. Balurghat B.Ed. College is a non-profit, unaided self-financing Institution. The college is recognized by National Council for Teacher Education, Govt. of India (Vide Regional director, ERC,NCTE, Bhubaneshwar's order no. E R C/7 - 67.10.4/2006/2226 dated July 31, 2006) and approved by the Higher Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal (vide Deputy Secretary, Higher Education Department, C.S.Branch, Govt. of West Bengal, memo no. 1160.Edn(cs) dated-23.12.2004) and affiliated to the University of North Bengal (vide Inspector of College, University of North Bengal's order no.113/76/Insp-2004 dated-26.07.2004). The B.Ed. College has been running with a large number of highly educated and well experienced teachers with requisite qualifications as per NCTE norms. The M.Ed. course be launched from the session 2017-2019 under The West Bengal University of Teachers' Training, Education Planing and Administration, 25/2, 25/3, Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata- 700019.

This is the first self-financing college of the North Bengal which got recognition from NCTE and successfully completed Examinations for B.Ed. course from 2005 to 2008 under the University of North Bengal. This is the first college where 99 students out of 100 obtained 1st class in the session 2004-05. Due to the establishment of one more University, Since 26th May, 2008 the Balurghat B.Ed. College comes under the control of UNIVERSITY OF GOUR BANGA vide Kolkata Gazette Extraordinary Notification No. 28th May, 2008) and got permanent affiliation from The University of Gour Banga vide order No. 183(4)/UGB/R-09 dated 13/04/2009 from the session 2009-10.
The IGNOU Study centre (Code No. 2884P) of Balurghat B.Ed. College was installed since 2007. It is a good drive for diversified curricula designed to provide capacity expansion training to the untrained in-service teachers having at least two years teaching experience in any recognized institution.

The Balurghat B.Ed. College has been permitted to start D.El.Ed.(P.T.T.I.) Course from the session 2009-11 duration of 2 years with the affilation of West Bengal Board of Primary Education vide order No. 120/BPE/P/2009, dated-5/6/2009 and recognition from National Council for Teacher Education( N.C.T.E.). It has also been permitted to provide "Bratachari" education and training organized & approved by "Banglar Bratachari Samiti, Kolkata", to the D.El.Ed trainee-students of this college. All the D.El.Ed trainees obtained first class in the session, 2009-11 and 2010-12. 

The Govt. of West Bengal decided to conduct One Year Bridge Course for the trainees of erstwhile Non-NCTE recognized P.T.T.I who completed their Training Courses successfully in the session 2000-2001 to 2003-2004 under Directorate of School Education and West Bengal Board of Primary Education and passes Higher Secondary Examination or its equivalent with 50% marks and also unemployed. The NCTE, New Delhi had conveyed its approval vide mome no. F62-5/2008/NCTE&S/11544 dated 05.03.2010 on the basis of the proposal of the State of West Bengal to conduct one year Bridge course (ODL mode) for P.T.T Trainees under Clause II of NCTE Regulation, 2009. Balurghat B.Ed. College selected for Study Centre to conduct one year Bridge Course vide memo no. 585(80) /BPE/2010 dated-22.06.2010 issued by the Secretary, West Bengal Board of Primary Education. All the bridge course trainees admitted for the session 2010-11, obtained first class.

The college has also introduced different courses associated with teachers' training and education like Spoken English courses in collaboration with BBC English & Foreign Language courses and Computer Education with full & direct collaboration and support by The British Institute (a division of the British Institute of Engineering Technology India Pvt. Ltd.), Kolkata.

The college is equipped with a modern Digital Language Laboratory to develop the learners communicative skills.

The college has already been included to the UGC under section 2(f) & 12(B) of the UGC Act 1956.

Placement Cell is created in collaboration with GALAXY Consultancy, Kolkata.