Academic Program for 2017-18


(2Year B.Ed. COURSE)

MONGALPUR, Balurghat, Dakshin Dinajpur


(1st July, 2017 to 30thJune, 2018)





Aadmission to B.Ed. Course 2017-18

20.07.2015 to 03.08.2015


Commencement of Classes



Celebration of the College Foundation Day

7th July, 2015


Cultural function (Nabin Baran Utsab)



First Unit Test

1st Sem: 7th  to 10th October, 2015

2nd Sem: 7th to 10th March, 2016


Second Unit Test

1st Sem: 16th  to 19th November, 2015

2nd Sem: 9th to 12th May, 2016


Theory and Practical Examination

1st Sem: 16th to 31st December, 2015

2nd Sem: 16th to 30th June, 2016


B.Ed. Final Examination-2016

As per notification of the University of Gour Banga.


Seminar Presentation (Course V)

1st Sem : 21st November, 2015


Conducting School Study

2nd Sem : 18th April, 2016


Preparation and Submission of School Report

21st April, 2016


Annual Sports

30th January, 2016


Educational Tour



Preparatory Leave for Final Examination

10 days before the commencement of Final Examination-2016 by University of Gour Banga


1st Semester [EPC-1]   Full Marks: 50

Mode of Transaction

Small group interaction in a round table circle

 * Reflective Questioning

  * Combining Listening Comprehension, Reading and Writing

 * Text to be selected from conceptual, Empirical, Historical, Policy Documents, Studies about Schools, Teaching, Learning, Autotrophies, Field Notes, Narrative Text etc.

 *  Creative Literacy Activities, Journalizing, Writing Diary etc.



  05th September, 2015 and 11th September?2015


2nd Semester [EPC-2]   Full Marks: 50

Mode of Transaction

*  Visit to Places of Drama & Art & Exhibition with Critical Appreciation

*  Role Play, Psycho Dram, Mono Act, One Act Play/Skit

*   Fine Arts for Creative &?or Aesthetic Appreciation i.e. Cultural Programme/Magazine

*         Be able to be engaged in Musical Performances

*         Innovative Ciombinations of Various Performing/Visual Arts




16th May, 2016 & 17th May, 2016


Observation Day

a)      Independence Day: 15-08-2015

b)      Dr. Radhakrishnan?s Birthday: 05-09-2015

c)      World Literacy Day: 09-09-2015

d)      Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar?s Birthday: 29-09-2015

e)      Gandhi Jayanti: 02-10-2015

f)       Sister Nivedita?s Birthday: 28-10-2015

g)      Khudiram Bose?s Birthday & World Disable Day: 03-12-2015

h)      Human Rights Day: 11-12-2015

i)        Swami Vivekananda?s Birthday: 12-01-2016

j)        Netaji Chandra Bose?s Birthday: 23-01-2016

k)      Rabindra Nath Tagore?s Birthday:09-05-2016

l)        Raja Ram Mohan Roy?s Birthday:22-05-2016


Holidays as prescribed by the University of Gour Banga (The list of the Holidays is Provisional and Subject to be changed as per Govt./University order)

a)      Id-Ul-Fitre: 18-07-2015

b)      Janmastami: 05-09-2015

c)      Gandhi Jayanti: 02-10-2015

d)      Mahalaya: 12-10-2015

e)      Puja Vacation: 19-10-2015 to 22-10-2015

f)       Id-Uz-Zoha: 25-09-2015

g)      Lakshmi Puja: 26-10-2015

h)      Kali Puja: 10-11-2015

i)        Guru Nanak Birthday: 25-11-2015

j)        Muharram: 24-10-2015

k)      Christmas Day: 25-12-2015

l)        Winter Recess- 26-12-15 to 31-12-15

m)    Saraswati Puja: 13.02.2016

n)      Birthday of Swami Vivekananda: 12-01.2016

o)      Netaji Subhash Chandrza Bose: 23-01-2016

p)      Republic Day:  26-01-2016

q)      Fateha Dwaz Daham: 24.12.2015

r)       Dol Jatra: 23.03.2016

s)       Bengali New year?s Day: 15-04-2016

t)        Good Friday: 03-4-2016

u)      May Day: 01-05-2016

v)      Rabindra Nath Tagore?s Birthday:09-05-2016

 Purposeful Learning through Direct Based Experience

1.         Educational Tour
2.         Annual Sports
3.         Project Work (Gardening, Plantation and Maintenance preparation of Note Book.
4.         Organizing Relief Work.
5.         Project on Role and importance of Transport and Communication.
6.         Collection of natural objects and preparation of compiling book, flower, leaf, feather etc.
            preparation of Note Book.
7.         Observation of work in natural environment, climate, trees and plants, insects, beasts and birds,
            Life-cycle of animals.
8.         Science Fair/ Seminar/Workshop

(The dates of the above programmes will be prepared in consultation with the Teaching Staff & Head)

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